Lampedusa Island

Lampedusa Island (Pelagie Islands)

Its sea is among the clearest and teeming with fish in all of Europe

Lampedusa stands out from all the other islands of Italy for its physical conformation of the land. In fact it is not of volcanic origin like all the other islands but it is a limestone table probably detached from the African coasts.
Positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean, its sea is among the clearest and teeming with fish in all of Europe.

The 126 km of coastline is a succession of coves, coves and ravines that enclose beaches with very white sand and turquoise sea.
Cala Guitgia, the most popular beach with tourists, also due to its ease of access. Spiaggia dei Conigli within the nature reserve, Cala Pulcino which can also be reached from land with its sea with shallow waters. On the other side of the island we have Cala Francese and Cala Creta.

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Location of DAG Tourist Services and map

Our facility has an authorized rental of cars and scooters and quads!

The "flagship" of the rental is the legendary Méhari jeep, a spartan, functional car, designed for leisure time, mainly in the summer, very convenient for getting around the island in complete freedom.

You can also rent the classic Panda or the nice Punto Cabrio, or simply a two-wheeler, ideal for couples or a fun Quad for the wildest!

Seriousness, courtesy, reliability to let you experience Lampedusa to the fullest!